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Park Central Tower is a 12 story condo that’s home to many; young people, older people, young professionals, and families — various individuals with a colorful taste for different styles.

I was asked to reimagine the public spaces of this downtown San Diego condo tower, and create a design that would be appreciated by all the residents. Not only aesthetically, but with value in mind. Bringing this 50 year old building into the 21st century was a fun, creative challenge.

A modern yet modest look was the directive, and with two color palettes to choose from the building was brought to life with new paint, artwork, and an overall cohesive aesthetic.

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The condo’s HOA was the client, and a personal friend who had moved into the building was the catalyst for the project, looking to improve the overall atmosphere and value of the building. Presenting options and color schemes to be voted on by the group was a pleasant experience, resulting in a really successful design project.


In the past when you walked into the lobby and through the halls of the condo, there was no cohesive design or appealing art to move you through the space. After updating the lobby, tile, wall coverings, and art, the building told a whole new story that all of the residents were happy to be a part of.


A color palette of four colors was used to bring the exterior of the building together, marrying the many elevations and angels. The interior palette consisted of two options for the residents, an off-white, tan theme with a bright updated look, and a modern grey and charcoal scheme. Using industrial carpet tiles and transitional lighting, the previously dark and dreary corridors were instantly elevated with style and light.


If you were a longtime resident or guest at the Park Central Tower condo before the renovation, walking into the updated lobby and through the newly renovated corridors is a totally different experience. You’d think you had stepped into a different building entirely. Instead of being greeted with worn and dated finishings and flooring, you’d now experience a modern and fresh walk to your final destination. Whether you’re visiting, passing by, or living in the space, the thoughtful updates and smart colors are a breath of fresh air.

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