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Think of the moment you step into your favorite spa and exhale: the colors, the sounds, the tranquility. That feeling is exactly what this 1960s Las Vegas ranch style home needed. 

In all great design, no matter the size of the space, it’s experience is in the details. From the soothing neutral color palette, to the pebbles that form a pathway to the large open shower, this bathroom is where design melded functionality and zen.

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We love helping our clients realize their vision, and then step into it like a dream they’ve created. During this design process, I suggested a sit down make-up vanity for the wife. Something she hadn’t thought of nor did she think would fit, to heighten the level of luxury. She enthusiastically agreed. We created a custom upholstered backless seat on casters that tucks under the vanity when not in use. The fabric on the seat is a vinyl that looks and feels like leather. Sometimes the smallest physical spaces require you to think outside the box and design for daily life without sacrificing beauty.


Though this space was meant to be as serene as a spa, it would never be as minimal, and still needed to function for the rigors of everyday life. The client wanted increased storage alongside a relaxing redesign. From the heated floor tiles to the calming site-specific artwork, this small space became one the clients could actually use and wanted to spend time in. All in all this project was successful at blending their need for functionality and craving for calm.


There were some preexisting design elements that initially set the tone for the project. The clients wanted to stay true to their love of Mission style furniture, found in the bedroom set they had just purchased, while also maximizing storage in their new bathroom. The first step was to remove the large underutilized bathtub and create a beautiful walk-in shower surrounded by custom glass doors. Next, luxurious touches like the heated floor tiles and the string of dark stone pebbles are meant to transport you to a five-star spa across the world. We selected a limestone looking porcelain tile for the floors to keep the space as neutral and relaxing as possible. The finish of the wood was kept slightly lighter than the bedroom furniture, while the walls were painted a soft blue reminiscent of flowing water. Natural light was not on our side with only a pre-existing frosted window, so we also installed some more modern fixtures above the mirror to contrast with the more traditional Mission style. We also included a mother of pearl pendant above the makeup portion of the vanity, perfectly bringing this in-home spa to life. 

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