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Only so often am I able to work hand-in-hand with clients who have design experience, and I consider myself fortunate to have collaborated with my client on her new home for her busy family of five. After moving from Florida to The Ridges in Las Vegas, it was important to transform the new space into what they would call home.

Sun Glow, an elegant 6000 sq ft family home in Las Vegas, lives up to its moniker. This sun drenched property welcomes you with remarkable floor to ceiling windows, a super refined color palette, and most importantly, plenty of space to gather together.

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We spent a lot of time understanding the nuances of how this family lived and how their home could celebrate that. Functionality for entertaining remained an anchor and resulted in a space that not only feels like a breath of fresh air, but one you can share with those you love.


The wife of the household was the ideal design partner when rethinking how this expansive space could function for her family and future guests. Whether that be in the sleek formal dining room, the spacious outdoor living room, or the cozy movie screening room, the goal was to keep a clean, modern aesthetic while retaining warmth and facilitating connection. She was ecstatic with the results and in turn, so was I.


This home feels like a shrine to modernity, dedicated to the daily joys of the family within. The floor to ceiling windows allow for a flood of natural light and capitalize on Las Vegas’ infamous year-round sunshine with a large indoor-outdoor living space. The color palette is neutral without being tedious, warm dark woods are mixed with off-white walls and punctuated with stone accents. Each bedroom and en-suite bathroom was designed for who would be utilizing them, yet they all have clean lines and lux finishes in common.


Right when you enter this home you’re struck by its scale. Towering ceilings lead to sleek black staircases that guide you through to the living area. The wall of sliding glass doors are pulled all the way back, blurring the lines between indoor-outdoor space; combining the two most important parts of the home. To your left the gleaming kitchen countertops and brand new stainless steel appliances almost beg you to cook a meal to be shared. On the opposite wall you see a huge wine cellar, shielded in glass, ready for you to choose the perfect red to serve your guests. White vessels with pops of leafy greens provide a visual pause as your eye moves from the warm wood below you to the chiaroscuro inspired color palette. Light and dark come together to create a truly elegant, yet dynamic and inviting domestic space.

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