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About this home

Ascaya took its inspiration from the Hyatt Regency's Churchill Bar in London. It is an upscale bar and terrace that brings together the whimsical writings and illustrations of Winston Churchill with a stylish art deco theme.  

Taking cues from the posh lounge, the undoubtedly modern architecture of the home could not be overlooked. The stark architectural lines, oversized and somewhat dramatic spaces are tempered by intentional interior detailing and well-appointed stylish furnishings.

A steady and underlying monochromatic tone allows the subtle and thoughtful interior details to shine through for all who enter the space. The furnishings follow the same palette and add a textural layer by blending plush and luxurious fabrics with brilliant lighting features, both seen and disguised. All of these elements are woven together seamlessly, calming the grand modern space into a composed, intimate and comfortable home.

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Why the client loves it

After visiting the Hyatt Regency's Churchill Bar in London, this soon-to-retire couple fell in love with the bar's design and desired their new home to emulate it's upscale theme while tastefully incorporating the posh, art deco elements.

Although modern and sleek, the client loved how Modavero pulled inspiration from the bar to make the home a warm, inviting space to entertain, relax and call home.

Why We Love It

This home encompasses everything that is 'true style,' the epitome of Modavero.

From the stark architectural lines to the neutral color palette throughout, Modavero was able to create this dream home for clients who have become great friends.

With a love for process, Julie was able to work with the couple to take their favorite elements of the Churchill bar and elegantly insert them throughout the home. From planning to design and construction, not a single element was missed.

The design

Each room seamlessly flows from one to the next with a balanced neutral color palette and cohesiveness of repeated finishes.

Small metal elements throughout the home invite a playful surprise to each space, with brass featured heavily in the millwork, bar racking, whiskey tower, and stair railing—an important takeaway from the Churchill Bar.

The oversized, dramatic rooms throughout render negative space complimented by plush, luxurious finishes and illuminated by both natural light and beautiful lighting features.

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Custom touches & finer details

Floor-to-ceiling custom, there's nothing about this home that went untouched or undesigned.

To fully grasp the feel of the Churchill bar, we sourced modern lounge chairs from an Italian company and commissioned a custom made sofa to adequately fill and compliment the living room space.

The massive wine room that flanks both the kitchen and 15-foot dining room table demands attention with its hard lines softened by custom leather straps suspending each bottle. With 22-foot ceilings to play with in the dining room, a light study was executed to ensure the chandeliers we chose had enough wattage for the light to travel.

Centrally located, the staircase is anchored by the elevator and features 5' limestone steps with a reveal at the bottom of each step that showcases a hidden light source, a sleek brass handrail, and two seamless 5'x5' limestone landings.

A home for living & entertaining

Keeping within the overarching color palette and modern lines, we incorporated playful finishes into each bedroom and bathroom—each having their own  surprises so that each guest can feel special.

The guest bedroom on the first floor was designed as a luxurious ensuite with its own outside entrance while the bathroom for the grandchildren features a huge bathtub, skylight, and a beautiful blue solid surface countertop for a punch of color. Even their beloved black lab was taken into consideration with elegant porcelain tile planks reminiscent of weathered barn wood in a dramatic herringbone pattern.

The home is a thoughtful reflection of the couple and what 'true style' means to Modavero.

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Exceeding expectations - from concept to reality
Modavero means “true style” in Italian. These two simple words have greater meaning for us. 

“True” is honest and genuine - it describes the core of who we are and how we interact with our clients. We do great work for great people. “Style” is at the forefront of what we do, but it’s so much more than that. Modavero embodies your world and enhances the way you live.

We leverage over 20 years of knowledge and experience to deliver timeless style and comfortable elegance.
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