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An empty space calls for design like a blank canvas -- begging to be useful and beautiful. Our client had high hopes for their living and dining area when we started this design project, bearing both of these in mind.

Tradition meets elegance in this dual dining/living space in Summerlin, Las Vegas. For this soft-remodel, a sumptuous red hue served as the starting point while modern accents kept the space feeling fresh and current. 

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This room makes a statement by blending the traditional and modern so seamlessly. As soon as you enter, there’s a feeling of old-world romance that invites you to unwind with your favorite book. Though certain elements can veer toward traditional, your eye soon rests on a clear plexi table lamp, glittering beside a modern bench cushion sofa. We love how these pieces push and pull, creating a luxurious yet functional space.


The client specifically requested elegance without feeling stuffy. She needed refuge from the chaos of daily life and hoped to have a space that would allow her to unplug and unwind. With the color red firmly in mind, it was up to us to bring her vision of comfortable luxury to life. In the same room, she can now recharge and host a chic dinner party just as easily.


This remodel didn’t require a contractor or building codes, so careful attention was placed on flow and furnishing. There needed to be high visual impact while keeping some preexisting design elements intact. The dark maple floors and the color red served as starting points, and from there calculated design risks were taken to create an elegant but approachable atmosphere. For example, we worked with a faux-plant artist to create large-scale custom bamboo arrangements to counterbalance the lux custom drapes on the opposite wall. It was all about maintaining a sense of balance between the transitional styles of this space.


When you enter this room, the materiality and warm palette bring you back in time to the salon of Anna Karenina. The dark woods and deep reds contrast against a white Baroque mirror and whimsical mirrored glass lamps that flank the sofa. The dining table has two dramatic brocade high-back chairs on either end, with a gorgeous pop of blue in the artwork above. Details like the vase of cherry blossoms on the coffee table which echo the cherry blossoms in the artwork on the opposite wall solidify a visual cohesion. The conversations found in the duality of this room make it feel interesting without being disjointed. There is something for everyone in this living space, and more ways than one to enjoy it.

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